C&C has always been free. Occasionally, kind people offer us money to help keep it going. Being British, this is of course painfully embarrassing. Usually, we look at our shoes and say, “So what are you driving these days?”

The truth is, podcasting has some costs – mostly in the realm of web hosting and website running, which is even more boring than it sounds. I was bored just typing that last sentence.

However, we’d love to be able to cover those costs and maybe make enough to make C&C better. So we started a Patreon. Just click on this Patreon link if you’d like to get lots of fun stuff while helping us to keep going, including extended video versions of every episode. Patreon also gives us a deeper engagement with each other, which we hope and pray will honour Christ and His Church. You’ll get some of the goodies listed below via Patreon over time. But there’s more to be had. So very much more. Click on this page where it says Patreon to see what you can get. Patreon Patreon Patreon

On the other hand, maybe you’d prefer to contribute a one-off gift because that’s just the way you roll. And we’d like to roll with that too. So we’re offering packages of e-goodies (e-books, MP3s and MP4s) that we can immediately fire in your direction using something called The Information Superhighway.

Click on one of the links below, and you’ll be taken to James’s “Big Cartel” store where you can securely purchase the goodie package of your choice. James will then email you with links and attachments for you to download and enjoy on whatever devices you like. And although the pricing below is given in British money, your fine American dollars will also work. The credit card you use will perform a handy-dandy currency conversion without you having to worry about a thing.

And thank you. It really does enable us to keep doing C&C.

The Jesse £10.00

You’ll receive:

  • An exclusive Thank You! episode of Cooper & Cary Have Words
  • Can I Really Trust The Bible? by Barry Cooper (e-Book; see trailer below)
  • Writing that Sitcom by James Cary (e-Book)

The Samuel £20.00

You’ll receive all of the above, plus:

  • Crossword Ends in Violence: A Novel by James Cary (e-Book)
  • The God Particle play by James Cary (MP3 audio)

The Saul £35.00

You’ll receive all of the above, plus:

  • A Very Different Life: How Following Jesus Changes Everything by Larry Kirk & Barry Cooper (PDF e-Book)
  • The God Particle video by James Cary (MP4 video)

The Goliath £50.00

You’ll receive all of the above, plus:

The David £100.00

You’ll receive all of the above, plus:

  • You get to be the Named Sponsor of your very own podcast episode, AND you get to choose James and Barry’s topic for discussion!

A huge thank you to Stephen McCaskell and The Good Book Company for helping us put these goodie packs together.

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