C&C has always been free. Occasionally, kind people offer us money to help keep it going. Being British, this is of course painfully embarrassing. Usually, we look at our shoes and say, “So what are you driving these days?”

The truth is, podcasting has some costs – mostly in the realm of web hosting and website running, which is even more boring than it sounds. I was bored just typing that last sentence.

However, we’d love to be able to cover those costs and make C&C better. So, if you’d like to help keep Cooper & Cary going, join our Patreon. When you become a Patron for as little as $3, you’ll receive all these exclusives:

  • Access to the entire archive of more than 100 C&C episodes (only the most recent 30 episodes are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify etc).
  • Access to extended versions of every new episode, days before the edited audio is released. That’s 26 extended episodes per year.
  • Access to video versions of every new episode.
  • Access to never before released episodes: the one about Barry and James’ favourite Bible verses, and another one about Panic.
  • Access to occasional live video Q+A sessions in which you can ask James and Barry anything.
  • Access to the members-only Cooper & Cary Discord Server.
  • Other electronic goodies from James and Barry over time, including a free copy of the Cooper & Cary Annual. That’s right. We’re writing a book. (Estimated retail value: £400).

Just click on this Patreon link if you’d like to get lots of fun stuff while helping us to keep going,

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